Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday 7:00-16:00
Friday and before holiday 7:00-11:45
Brekfast 9:00-9:30
Lunch 11:45-12:30

We have CET - Central European Time.

Closed for summer holiday.

Week 29-32.

19 July - 13 August.

Tube dealers

Here you find some of MERS customers that buy tubes frequently.

They may have a stock or they can get the dimensions you need together with another shippment to lower your cost.

The shipping cost can be a big part of a smaller tube order. So if we can send more tubes in less shippments, you, we and the environment will win on it.

Do you want your company on this page, let us know.

ME Racing Service AB

Svetsgränd 10

781 72 Borlänge


Phone:  +46 (0)243 100 66

Fax:  +46 (0)243 211 412



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