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Docol Tube R8


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>> Dimension & Price list <<  Updated: 4 April 2024.

The tubes is 5.9meters in all dimensions.

We can cut tubes for you to make it better for shipping. And you can order tubes from 0.1meter.

When you order complette lenght of tubes you will get discount.

1-2 tubes 10%,  3 tubes 15%,  4 tubes 20%,  5-9 tubes 25% and 10 tubes and more 30% of each dimension.

Docol Tube R8 is a cold formed welded tube where both the outer and inner weld beads are removed for perfect fit. Docol Tube R8 allows roll cages and chassis to be built to the same design and fashion as with traditional material. But using Docol racing tubes can also open up doors to new designs, with more weight reduction or increased strength for chosen parts of the structure.

>> Dimension & Price list <<  Updated: 4 April 2024.

We also have a list with some of our customers that you also can buy tubes from. They may have a stock with tubes or you can order thru them for at better shipping cost. Tube dealers >>

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